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About nicola

I am full time professional photographer and filmmaker or as I like to put it, a creative story teller. I use my camera to document and record beautiful weddings, events and commercial projects all over the UK and world wide.


My goal isn’t to ENTER awards or get Thousands of likes. It is simply to tell your story and give you images and films that represent you and will make you smile for many years to come.

Couples generally choose me to photography their wedding as they love my laid back easy going nature. They know I will try and make it fun, help them relax and let them be themselves. I won’t ask them to stare into my camera or do any awkward posing. 

A lot of my couples say they feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, don’t worry I understand this as I feel the same. Feeling this way has helped me develop little ways to help you relax, getting you to interact with each other, playing fun games and creating those natural but stylish photos.

My alternative wedding style will allow you to enjoy your wedding day but will ultimately leave you with stunning, creative unique images.

If you like how I work and want to learn more about me then please get in contact. I would love to hear from you.

Photographer walking through Lavender field holding Nikon camera

Image courtesy of Photographer: Katya Koliban

Photographer stood in sunflower field holding camera

Image courtesy of Photographer: Katya Koliban

What you RECEIVE

  • Creative Couple portraits that will be worthy of hanging on your wall.
  • Storytelling Photos & Films that will make you emotional.
  • My secret techniques on the day to help you relax and have fun together.
  • Creative Couple portraits that will be worthy of hanging on your wall.
  • Natural photos of you enjoying your day with your guests.
  • Sneak Peak of photos shortly after your wedding.
  • Unlimited support, I’m always here for whatever you need.
  • My Signature editing on each image or colour grading on film.

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my photography journey

Image Paradise was born in 2014. Before that I had been working in Insurance for 8 (very long years). As I sat at my desk each day I knew my heart longed for something more meaningful.

It wasn’t a decision I made overnight, I knew I wanted to make my hobby a career and I was determined to make it happen.

In 2012 I took the bold decision to reduce my hours and study photography part time. Alongside studying, I shot a friends wedding, assisted established photographers and basically did everything I could to make sure I was ready. 

Once my business was off the ground it was only a matter of months before I said goodbye to the day job. I have been self sufficient as a photographer every since. 

Fast forward to today, nearly nine years later and I have had the honour of photographing hundreds of weddings.

My love for story telling has only grown. In recent years I have discovered the world of video and this has taken my business to a whole new level.

The creativity of capturing and editing a wedding film has only ignited a deeper passion inside of me, I absolutely love it.

Over the years my business has adapted and grown. Through various people I have met along the way I have been involved with all sorts of interesting projects.

Although I still consider weddings as my main gig I don’t limit myself to only weddings. I take commissions for both photography and videography in all sort of photography genres and these days my Commercial work is just as thriving. 

I am still truly thankful to be doing something that I love everyday and will never take it for granted. 


My home is in Bristol where I live with long term boyfriend Christian and our rather spoilt cat Tigger.

Tigger also goes by the name ‘Tiggy Bear’, ‘Destroyer’, ‘Pickle juice’ and many other random names that he seems happy to answer to especially when food is involved.

If you own a cat then you know, they quickly become your little fur babies and totally rule the house. He has somehow turned us into (from the outside world) crazy cat owners. I never thought it would happen but apparently it did.

I do love all animals though and I promise I am not that crazy. Unless of course you think pineapple on pizza is too far?

Don’t worry if you do I won’t hold that against you. I am totally okay still being friends (obviously it’s more pineapple for me) and wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same!

On days off, we love the outdoors. You will generally find us near some sort of water, whether it’s paddle boarding on a lake or hopelessly falling off a surf board in the ocean.

Failing that we will be chilling out somewhere in nature, exploring the middle of nowhere in our small VW camper van.

My favourite things in the world are traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.

I also love going to the occasional music festival. I don’t get many weekends off but I will try for tickets for Glastonbury each year. Living so close to Somerset it would be rude not to after all!

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Let me tell your story

I would love to hear all about two of you and what you have planned for your special day.

I will always reply within 24 hours so please check your junk box if you don’t see my email. I will often text just to say I have replied.

  • Bristol wedding photographer & Videographer available throughout the UK and destination weddings.
  • Unique Story telling that embraces you.
  • Bespoke packages to suit individual requirements.
  • Fun, relaxed and creativity guaranteed.
  • Small Deposit to secure your wedding date.

Nicola Hesketh
8 Hardenhuish Road, Bristol BS4 3SU.

Photpgraph of Nicola Hesketh - Owner and lead photographer of Image Paradise