Rocking a 1950’s style wedding dress at Bristol Registry Office

When I first met Danielle and Peter they told me of their plans to wed in Bristol registry office at the Mayoral room and have their reception at the M-shed. They wanted to have a 1950’s inspired wedding theme with custom made dress and a red and white colour scheme. I knew right then that this wedding was going to be special.

My day started at Danielle’s home where she was getting ready with her maid of honour Tanya. Both girls were excited, sipping on prosecco as they talked about the day ahead.

Danielle’s hair was already finished when I got there. It looked fabulous and I really couldn’t wait to see the dress. In true 1950’s style she had chosen a short dress that flowed outwards with her bridesmaid dress a similar style only with red and white polka dots.

The girls claimed not to be nervous when I arrived however they were ready way ahead of time which I think changed that claim slightly. Danielle also spoke with her father who jokingly asked her if she was sure she still wanted to go ahead with the wedding but ultimately his phone call was to wish her luck.

A white mustang then arrived to pick up the girls to take them to the ceremony at Bristol registry office. Danielle who self claimed she hates being late for anything. Did say she felt this was the one day when she should probably be fashionably late, even if it was just by a few minutes. I left the girls at this point so I could meet them at the venue and grab a shot of them arriving in the car.

I had just enough time to say hello to Peter and take a few photo’s of the guests as they eagerly awaited the brides arrival. I then headed back outside Bristol registry office to capture an exchange of hugs from the father of the bride as he waited to walk her down the aisle.

After the ceremony, a few group formals were taken on the steps outside the Bristol registry office. Peter then handed out directions for his non local guests so they could make the short walk over to the reception venue at the M-shed on Bristol’s harbour side.

The M-shed is a museum but has a space on the top floor for hosting events such as weddings and business conferences. The building itself has a modern design with a spectacular staircase which we used to get a lovely couple shot. The buildings surrounding the M-shed also have lots of different colours and textures which made great backdrops when we did the portraits.

After the meal, the speeches were started with Danielle’s dad where he told a few stories of her childhood and explained how this Yorkshire lass had made her first connections with Bristol which is now her home. Peter’s best man went on to say how his love of music had brought him and Peter together and shared some stories of their uni days. Peter finished by thanking everyone for being part of his day and of course thanking his new beautiful wife.

Later cake cutting started the evening. The couple had their first dance rocking out to Best Coast – When I’m with You. It didn’t take long for the rest of the dance floor to start filling up after that!

Please get in contact if you are getting married or having your reception at the M-shed.

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Bridal hair
Bridal hair

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