Cumberwell Park – Golf Course Wedding!

Cumberwell Park golf course is a great place to get married especially if you are a golfer. The park has excellent views and makes a fantastic spot for the wedding couple to have their first photo’s done together!

As a full time wedding photographer it’s not very often I have the time to second shoot for anyone else so it was great to be able to work with Rafe Abrook for this wedding.

I first met Rafe over a year ago when we were on an intensive wedding course together. Living at different ends of the country I didn’t think I’d ever get the opportunity to work with him. However he had been booked for a wedding in Bradford on Avon which isn’t too far from my home town of Bristol. I was delighted when he asked me to second shoot for him.

My day started with groom prep instead of the usual bridal prep but in reality this isn’t much different. I’m still looking for the same sorts of images; details, people laughing and generally enjoying themselves.

The boys were still getting ready as I arrived at the family home. They were having difficulties tieing their cravats despite having watched several youtube video before hand.

The atmosphere was great they were joking between them, eager for the day ahead. They were ready in plenty of time and left early in order to get to the venue to meet the guests as they arrived.

As a second shooter my role during the ceremony was to cover a different angle to Rafe so I remained at the back of the room. We went off into the park later with the couple to capture their shots alone. I spent the rest of the day concentrating more on the guests and generally capturing the atmosphere of the wedding.

I definitely prefer being the main photographer as it gives me more creative control over the day and a chance to get to know my couples better before hand but this was a great experience and fab to see another photographer in action.

I would love to shoot another wedding at Cumberwell Park so if your getting married there please get in contact, I’d like to hear from you.