Bride and groom portrait in the gardens of Gregnog Hall  Stunning wedding photography at Gregnog Hall

As a wedding photographer, it is always a privilege to be asked to travel further afield to photograph a wedding and Gregnog Hall was an amazing wedding venue. Located in scenic Mid wales this stunning Country Mansion is in the village of Tregynon near Newtown.

The couple live just a few minutes away so having this stunning wedding venue on their doorstep was an easy choice. I, however, feel honored that they chose me to photograph their wedding and found something that they loved enough about my work to have picked me over the local photographers. Although I don’t charge for travel within England and Wales most of my work does tend to be local so I cherished the opportunity to travel and the drive was simply breathtaking.

Traveling up the night before I met the couple for the first time, we had spoken on the telephone but this was our first official meeting. I knew straight away they were the perfect couple and that their wedding day was going to be one to remember and they didn’t disappoint.

On the morning I managed to take a few photos of the venue before joining the girls for bridal prep at the couple’s home. Everyone was in high spirits and there was excitement in the air as they got ready having their hair and makeup done. Kate looked stunning in her wedding dress and her bridesmaids stood out wearing different coloured pastel dresses which looked amazing when they stood in a line together.

I went ahead meeting Darren at Gregnog Hall, he was beaming and as equally excited for his wedding day. There was time for a few quick photos before the classic vintage car pulled up on the drive with the bridesmaids inside.

Kate’s brother walked her down the aisle to give her away, it was a short ceremony straight through with no readings. Everyone gathered outside to throw confetti and form for a group shot in front of the house before welcome drinks.

We made the most of the beautiful grounds taking a walk around and stopping for photos in various spots, we were literally spoilt for choice. We even went out again after the wedding breakfast for some sunset shots.

The guests were a lively bunch and the party went on well into the night with everyone up dancing and the DJ keeping the crowd going. Kate & Darren’s wedding will certainly be one to remember.

Gregnog Hall is such a wonderful wedding venue, I would love the chance to go back there again. If you are getting married at Gregnog Hall then please get in contact.

A view from the garden of the building of Gregnog Hall wedding venue A fountain, a statue and a wedding sign wedding decorations Wedding dress and multi coloured bridesmaids dresses hanging on a wooden beam White bridal high heels shoes with wedding bouquet collage of photos of the bride having her hair done on her wedding day showing the different stages Bridesmaids making a toast in the bride kitchen before her wedding Bride putting on her wedding dress being helped by a bridesmaid Bridesmaids stood in a line as they see the bride for the first time in her wedding dress Bride wearing a long white wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers just before she leaves for her wedding at Gregnog Hall Old vintage wedding car with Welsh hills in the background Portraits of the groom stood in front of grey wood gates at Gregnog Hall wedding venue Vintage cream wedding car travelling down the drive of Gregnog Hall wedding venue A large group photo of the wedding party with bridesmaids wearing multi coloured dresses A smiling groom and his best man at a wedding ceremony at Gregnog Hall bridesmaids walking down the aisle Bride walking down the aisle with her brother to her groom inside Gregnog Hall with wedding guests watching in the background Bride and groom stand at the front with wedding party looking over them Bride and groom Bride and groom stood in front of the organ holding hands during their wedding ceremony at Gregnog Hall Bride and groom walking out of the entrance to Gregnog Hall as guests throw confetti over them Large group shot of the wedding guest in front of the house at Gregnog Hall Family photos in the gardens of Gregnog Hall wedding venue Bride with bridesmaids standing in a line looking back at the camera wearing multi coloured bridesmaids dress at Gregnog Hall wedding venue Bide and groom walk hand in hand staring at each other in the garden of Gregnog Hall wedding venue a couple pose nose to nose in the garden of Gregnog Hall Golden hour in the garden of Gregnog hall, bride and groom stood under an arch surrounded by flowers Tables set up for wedding breakfast at Gregnog Hall The wedding cake Wedding speeches at Gregnog Hall Sunset portraits of the bride and groom in the garden of Gregnog Hall Bride and Groom first dance at Gregnog Hall with wedding guests in the background watching them dance Wedding guests dancing to music at a wedding reception evening do at Gregnog Hall Wedding guests dancing on the dance floor of a wedding at Gregnog Hall A night photo of bride and groom kissing inside Gregnog Hall infant of the fireplace with orange light eitherside