Poole Court wedding –¬†Carly & Lee

Carly & Lee had been together for many years, already having three beautiful children before they decided to tie the knot. The ceremony took place at Poole Court in Yate on the outskirts of Bristol. The grand property was built in the 1850s and has had several uses in the past before becoming the town’s council office. Unlike Bristol registry office, Poole Court has ample parking directly outside making it much more accessible. The downstairs intimate ceremony room is well lit by large windows and on the day the couple had managed to fill the room full with their guests who watched as they exchanged their vows. The ceremony nearly went smoothly with just a slight glitch as the groom struggled to place the wedding ring on his bride’s finger however his attempt to squeeze the ring on was very amusing and made some great pictures for them to remember.

Afterwards, there were just a few formal pictures taken outside as the couple, particularly the groom were eager to move on to their reception venue where cold beer would be readily available. As with all my clients we had already discussed beforehand how the day was to pan out and they had already decided that the majority of the group shots were to be taken at the reception venue. The reception was held at Mangotsfield golf club and with keen golfers in the family and many of the guests members it was the ideal reception for them. The private function room had been decorated with the bridal colours of white and purple and small finishing touches had been added such as a sweet table for all to enjoy. The weather was particularly hot on this August day so after the wedding breakfast buffet, all were outside enjoying the sunshine in the garden. The kids played as adults chatted, we did a group shot of everyone and then the smaller combinations with family and friends.

If you are getting married at Poole Court then please get in touch I offer a £200 registry office discount!

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Wedding car outside of Poole Court registry office. Yate.

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