Are you planning your DIY marquee wedding?

When I first met Bex and Dave, they were excited to tell me about how they planned to organize their own DIY marquee wedding on their parent’s land. Hosting their own wedding meant they could plan the day exactly how they wanted and ultimately it would work out a lot cheaper meaning they could invite more guests to celebrate the day with them.

Inside of the tent with long rows of tables and chairs decorated for DIY Marquee summer wedding

Setting up the Marquee

The great thing about owning the land the marquee is to be situated on meant they could ask for it to be set up a few days before the actual wedding. Therefore all the big things like the dance floor, bar and tables and chairs were all ready in advance so on the morning of the wedding all they needed to do was the last-minute finishing touches like arranging the flowers and table decorations.

summer flowers on rustic wooden tables inside a marquee wedding

The wedding ceremony | St Andrews church Mells

In the UK unfortunately it isn’t possible to get married in your own garden as you have to tie the knot in a venue that has been granted a marriage licence. This means the legal part of the ceremony will have to be done elsewhere.

Bex and Dave opted to get married at their local church, St Andrews in Mells. The beautiful church has a captivating architecture with magnificent memorials as well as a reredos made of marble.

Another popular option for DIY ceremonies is having the legal ceremony at a registry office on a different day and then holding a blessing ceremony in front of your guests instead.

Photos opportunities

Family photos and couple portraits are one of the most important reasons to hire a professional photographer on your wedding day. These are the photos you will treasure, want to print and show off.

Make the most of your surroundings showing off the stunning scenery in the background. I tend to keep the family photos simple and swap people in and out so it doesn’t take up too much of their time. However for the couple photos I like variety and will take you off to a few different spots within walking distance so you can get the most out of your photographs.

Advantages of planning your own DIY marquee wedding

  • The main advantage will be you get to customize your wedding to exactly how you want it, making it more personalised.
  • You will have more flexibility to choose your wedding date and won’t have to work with the availability of a venue.
  • Choosing a weekend wedding won’t cost you more money. Most venues are more expensive on a weekend and normally by a considerable amount.
  • You will have more choice of suppliers and can probably negotiate services provided or fees.
  • The overall cost should be much less.

Disadvantages of a DIY wedding

Well there aren’t many but there are definitely a few things to take into consideration. Do you have the land to host the marque or do you need to hire somewhere as this can add to the costs? The other thing is time, doing things yourself will take up a considerable amount of time but if you’re planning a DIY wedding it’s probably something you are going to enjoy doing. The last and final disadvantage is logistics as there is a lot to organize and you will need to consider absolutely everything from the amount of cutlery to electric supply to toilets.

couple have first dance in a marquee wedding in Somerset Mells

If you are planning your DIY wedding then please get in touch, I’d love to hear all about your day.