A wedding album will be the one thing that you will look at over and over again throughout the years to come. Sure it’s nice seeing your images online but having something tangible that you can hold and pass round to other people to also look at is much more special.

It’s likely going to be viewed by all your family and friends, it will be brought out on anniversaries and will be there for you to show your children and grandchildren. 

Our lay flat wedding albums are high quality and handmade here in the UK. They are built to stand the test of time, they are printed on luxury thick photographic paper that feels high quality.

We offer story telling wedding albums designed exclusively for you from your photo selection. I will work with you to design an album that you happy to show off.

All our albums come with a minimum of 40 pages (20 spreads) as standard. Having designed so many albums, I have found this to be around the perfect number of pages for a story telling album so it’s generally not necessary to have to add extra pages.

I also give you the choice of albums at no extra cost. You can opt for a classic leatherette album or a new modern Acrylic photo cover, please see examples below.


This modern handcrafted wedding album has a clear thick acrylic front allowing you to feature one of your hero images. It has thick rigid fuji professional pages that are bound together with a black leatherette back and finish.

Our Platinum and Titanium packages include a 12×8 sized album (30cmx20cm). 

A standard black box is included to protect the album.

Other sizes available on request with an upgrade option to make it 16×12 (40cmx30cm) please enquire for pricing.

Acrylic wedding album
Wedding album stood up showing page thickness
Acrylic wedding album
Wedding Album showing photos at Kingsweston House Bristol


This traditional lay flat premium leatherette wedding album is handcrafted here in the UK. It has rigid fuji professional photographic thick pages that are built to last.

If you would prefer a linen cover we can also offer these as well.

Standard size is 10×10 inch album (25cmx25cm). 

Other sizes are available on request with an upgrade option to make it 12×12 (30cmx30cm) please enquire for pricing.

A standard black box is included to protect the album.

Red Leatherette wedding album
Collage of a wedding album with open pages
Blue leatherette wedding album sat on the box it comes in
Wedding album page open showing a bride and groom holding hands in a beautiful garden
Screenshot 2023 05 08 at 19.43.02

There are a range of customisable options. The leatherette album has a choice of 10 colours & the Linen albums have 8 colour choices.

Text can be embossed on the front with a choice of up to three lines of your choice.


Wooden USB box with prints

Keep Sake Box

All our photography packages come as digital downloads but you can add on a keepsake box which includes a USB stick and 50, 6×4 prints of your choice for £85.00. These make great presents for loved ones.


We offer a range of professionally printed photos of all sizes & wall art. This includes canvases, acrylic panels, frames photos etc.

We use professional printing labs that only sell to photographers and not the general public. These high quality prints will beat any high street printer.

Please enquire for pricing.

a set of six 6x4 prints of a wedding

Reasons Why you should purchase a wedding album

It probably goes without saying but a wedding album is something tangible that you can hold in your hands. We live in a digital age where everything is stored online. Browsing photos on your phone or computer screen has become the norm in every day life.

Alot of people don’t print things anymore and I know I am also guilty of this with my own photographs. However your wedding day is a special event and if there is ever an event to treasure then this is one of them.

I personally think there is a greater emotional attachment by having a print physical to hold in your hands. It’s something that you can pass around and show to friends and family. It’s a conversation starter, a memory reminder and a future story teller. 

A wedding album is something that will grow in sentimental value as time goes on. It will one day become your family heirloom, for your children, grand children or even great grand children.